In Karoshi games the goal is to die. This is not as easy as it sounds. Killing yourself was never so difficult, and never so much fun! Also don't forget to check my other freeware games.
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A simple platformer game at first sight, but much more difficult once you try. Your goal: Kill the salaryman in every stage.

The first Karoshi game was originally made as not much more than a joke. However, it quickly gained popularity and remains to be my most popular series. "Karoshi" (or to be correct "karoushi") is a Japanese word that can be translated as "death from overwork". Ironically, I now work in the Japanese games industry...

Levels 25

Links Gavin Carter (Fallout 3 Lead Producer) on Karoshi | GameSpy: Suicide in Videogames | Indie or Die, the Escapist article

Download (Windows, 4.0 MB, .zip)

Karoshi 2.0

The first Karoshi game did quite well so I decided to make a sequel. Karoshi 2.0 adds another 50 levels and an epic boss fight. Again, the goal is to kill yourself in every stage, but this time it requires more outside-the-box thinking than ever. Highly recommended.

Karoshi 2.0 was Internet Game of the Month in EDGE magazine June 2008.

Levels 50

Links some of the most LOL-worthy and mind-bending puzzles I have ever seen - TIGsource article | one of the most intelligent games i have played in a long time - Auntie Pixelante

Download (Windows, 8.7 MB, .zip)

Karoshi Factory

In Karoshi Factory youll need to cooperate and switch between multiple characters. Make sure that in the end each of them dies!

Levels 25

Additional credits Jake Almond (music)

Download (Windows, 7.6 MB, .zip)

Karoshi: Suicide Salaryman

This is the first browser version of Karoshi, made in Flash.

Levels 50

Additional credits Peter Groeneweg (programming), Ferry Spaans (graphics)

Links Suicide is painless, even fun - Kotaku

Play (Flash, browser)

Super Karoshi

The 5th installment in the Karoshi series, and its a great one. As is the case in the Karoshi series, you need to kill yourself in every stage. This time, you get the opportunity to turn into Super Karoshi. Unfortunately you cant die, but you can help other characters kill themselves. If you want to become mortal again, just grab some kryptonite.

Super Karoshi is a Flash game developed for Armor Games.

Levels 60

Additional credits Jake Almond (music, sound design)

Play (Flash, browser)