I made several freeware games over the last couple years. With my work, I explore game design and try to create interesting experiences. Also check out my first commercial game.


The universe has been frozen, and youre on an adventure together with King Mubbly to free others and fight the Frozzd. Run around on differently shaped planets while strategically attacking and defending with your little army. The game has a total of 12 large levels with each a unique enemy type.

Frozzd was designed for YoYoGames Winter Competition and won first prize!

If only every freeware game had this level of professional polish, then maybe there would be much fewer wars and absolutely no terrorists. PC Zone UK

Keywords platformer, gravity, strategy, casual

Additional credits Kevin MacLeod (music)

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Download (Windows, 5.7 MB, .zip)

Karoshi (series)

In Karoshi games the goal is to die. Each game consists of a large number of mind bending puzzles in which you try to find ways to off the salary man. This is my most popular series, with 5 entries to date.

Killing yourself was never so difficult, and never so much fun!

Keywords platformer, puzzle, suicide, weird, funny

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They Need To Be Fed

A perfection of my 360 gravity engine and gameplay. A casual, fresh and fun platformer. Walk upside down, jump from one object to another. Objects start moving, rotating, and several other hazards are thrown your way to provide an exciting challenge. The game includes 5 worlds with each 7 levels to play.

They Need To Be Fed was made for the YoYoGames "design a handheld game" competition, and won first prize! Later, a commercial version was released for iPhone and iPad.

Keywords platformer, gravity, PSP

Additional credits Jake Almond (music, sound design)

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Download (Windows, 8.2 MB, .zip)


A surreal platformer adventure with a theme thats integrated into the gameplay. The game is fairly short.

Keywords platformer, gravity, death

Additional credits Jake Almond (music)

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Download (Windows, 12.6 MB, .zip)


Is it a game? Make sure to play it twice. It only takes a few minutes.

Execution was featured on several websites and in magazines.

Keywords experiment

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Random quotes you made me be shocked by myself | It hit me with a very real sense of guilt | I really dont know what to say | I havent been "touched" by a game like this before

Download (Windows, 1.3 MB, .zip)


Deaths seems like a regular platformer game but makes use of a very interesting idea. Everytime a player dies the position gets stored in an online database. When you enter a level, the latest deaths (from all over the world) are loaded in and you can see bodyparts lying around where people died. These bodyparts can be used as hints to spot dangers, and even as objects to walk on. Sometimes, you'll literally need other people's deaths to progress.

The game is an experimental concept with 6 levels.

Keywords platformer, online connection, experiment

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Download (Windows, 7.7 MB, .zip)

You Probably Won't Make It

The sequel to You Made It, this straight-forward platformer with its minimalistic style is purely about your gaming skills. When you fail, the game saves your previously taken path. Your blood also remains on the screen indefinitely.

Levels get increasingly more difficult, until they (literally!) become impossible... hence the title.

Keywords platformer, minimalistic, skill

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Download (Windows, 3.6 MB, .zip)

You Made It

A simple platformer game with 10 levels. The twist? Everything you do stays on screen. It starts simple but with each level it becomes more complicated. What is real and what is there from before? At the end, the final image will be saved to the games folder. You made it!

Keywords platformer, graphical glitch, experiment

Links Auntie Pixelante article

Download (Windows, 2.8 MB, .zip)


Abstract arena shooter with addictive gameplay. Several game modes are included, and it will take some skill to unlock everything.

I was inspired by Geometry Wars, but dissatisfied with the arrow keys + WASD controls most developers went for on PC. Torque only uses the arrow keys and one other button to change the rotation of your bullets.

Keywords arena shooter, difficult

Additional credits DJ Ephixa (music), Jake Almond (music)

Links Insane mode YouTube video

Download (Windows, 9.1 MB, .zip)


A weird dream-like adventure platformer with a vague story about religion.

Keywords platformer, story, weird, art

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Download (Windows, 6.2 MB, .zip)


Platformer game with a teleporting mechanic. Use your focus powers to avoid missiles! You need twitchy fingers for this one. Very addictive, very difficult just-one-more-go.

Please note: on some keyboards using Space in combination with 2 arrow keys causes problems (not all 3 keys will be registered). If so you can change the Focus key to CTRL on the start-up screen.

Keywords platformer, teleport

Additional credits Jake Almond (music, sound design)

Links YouTube trailer | Jay is Games, best of 2009 (action)

Download (Windows, 18.6 MB, .zip)

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