You Still Won’t Make It

I’m working together with folks at Vetra Games on a sequel to You Probably Won’t Make it, titled “You Still Won’t Make It”. here are some screenshots of progress:

(click for larger!)

The game does not have a release date yet. Until then I’ll post updates as they come! For more info read the post over at Vetra Games here.


  1. chegr says:

    May I?
    I see Portal’s influence here; tiled dilapidated plates, hand-drawn marks on walls, light beams.
    The setting is OK, everything is readable (except strange rusty platform to the left from booster-tracks). But it’s not quite matched with protagonist. His leg is lifted also :)
    Blood patches seem to be very random and decorative. Shadows at the edges are good, the really pop out stuff.

  2. Terry says:

    Looks pretty awesome so far. Very different from the first game, though. Mainly the graphics and setting… but that’s probably just because you aren’t making them :)

  3. Eren says:

    It looks pretty awesome!

  4. *my name* says:

    Hello, I play your games and I think they are all great. But I have one question, is this new game still made with gamemaker?(/yoyogames). I thought the animation was really good for a Gamemaker game. I wish you luck on your games and I hope you have a lot of fun, thank you

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