They Still Need To Be Fed

“They Need To Be Fed” was released over a year ago, but still gets the occasional article on the net. I remember it sold a few thousand copies on iOS after launch, and I thought that was it; from there it would go down.

Now, a year later, it’s still doing well on both iOS and Android. It has gotten on TV in Canada (“Review on the Run” gave it an 8.5), most recently got featured on Kotaku, and got a place in TIME’s top 50 iPhone apps of 2012!

Also, a glowing video review:

Still haven’t played it yet?

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Update (March 10)

They Need To Be Fed is currently promoted by Google as one of their favorite apps, and thus on sale for half the price for a limited time! It’s on the home page of the store as one of the “best selling games”.

In slightly related news, Karoshi has won Android Game of the Year 2012 for the PocketGamer Awards!

Maybe time to make another one?


  1. Terry says:

    It’s nice to see after all of this time the game is still doing great! This is probably my favorite app. I’m still trying to get all the stars though, which can get very frustrating :)

  2. Guess this shows the strength of the game that people are still discovering it and being impressed with it so long after launch.

    Also am amused by the way the hosts advertised a product in the middle of discussing the game.

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