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Announcing Bit Ate Bit

Bit Ate Bit logo

I have not updated this blog in quite a while. Recently, I’ve been busy setting up my new company “Bit Ate Bit”. From now on most updates will be posted on the blog over at the Bit Ate Bit website

What is Bit Ate Bit?

It’s really just a name for me to operate under and release new games. From the site: “We create charming games based on original concepts. Our mission is to make games that provide people with joy and good memories to look back on.”

Our first game is coming out in a few days, initially for iPhone and iPad. It’s the “game about a fish” I teased a long time ago, called Cheerfish

It took a while before I felt ready to put it out, because of design problems (it’s just very different from what I’ve done so far) but also because of issues with Game Maker Studio, which I use for development, and finally because I wanted to have my company set up properly first. Cheerfish is a game that anyone can play, but I’m unsure if everyone will enjoy it like I do. I will blog about its development process on the Bit Ate Bit blog in the future.

Other games are in the works as well, also for other platforms. Android, PC, Mac, HTML5, and so on. Our second game is nearing completion and is the sequel to one of my previously released games :)

Hope to keep providing fun, new, interesting work, for free and for money, for the foreseeing future.

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