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Unlink It

Unlink It for iPhone/iPad

I released my first self-published title, called “Unlink It”. It’s a simple puzzle game in which you try to swap gems in such a way that they become unlinked from gems with the same color. Also, bombs start to appear. Bombs cannot be swapped with gems so you have to think carefully about how you get them unlinked. It’s addictive and challenging and requires a lot of brain muscle if you want to survive.

The game’s just a dollar, but I’m thinking of making it free in the near future or releasing a new free version. If you can’t wait or want to support me (it’s only a dollar anyway) get it on the Apple Store. It runs slow on iPod Touch (or maybe only older iPod Touches but I need to confirm that), so I recommend playing it on iPhone or iPad.

The game also features an excellent track by my go-to musician Jake Almond.