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PLAYism for Japan

「PLAYism for Japan」とは?



PLAYismで、「They Need To Be Fed」の日本語版(PC)が発売中!パッケージに「サモロスト1」っていうクリック操作で不思議な世界を探索するゲームも入ってる。興味あったら、是非!


PLAYism is a new website for selling and funding development of small, innovative, creative titles. Currently they are running the “PLAYism for Japan” campaign, where people can buy indie game packs for a small fee and support victims of the earth quake at the same time!

The link above leads to a package including an exclusive Japanese version of They Need To Be Fed and point and click adventure Samorost. If you’re interested feel free to take a look (and you can study some Japanese as well!)