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They Need To Be Fed 2

Visit the page here for more info.

Mondrian-inspired puzzle game (iPad)

“Red, Blue & Yellow” is an abstract puzzle game in which you colour paintings using only 4 colours. The trick is that you have to make sure no adjacent regions have the same colour.

For a more detailed description and links, go to my new blog

Announcing Bit Ate Bit

Bit Ate Bit logo

I have not updated this blog in quite a while. Recently, I’ve been busy setting up my new company “Bit Ate Bit”. From now on most updates will be posted on the blog over at the Bit Ate Bit website

What is Bit Ate Bit?

It’s really just a name for me to operate under and release new games. From the site: “We create charming games based on original concepts. Our mission is to make games that provide people with joy and good memories to look back on.”

Our first game is coming out in a few days, initially for iPhone and iPad. It’s the “game about a fish” I teased a long time ago, called Cheerfish

It took a while before I felt ready to put it out, because of design problems (it’s just very different from what I’ve done so far) but also because of issues with Game Maker Studio, which I use for development, and finally because I wanted to have my company set up properly first. Cheerfish is a game that anyone can play, but I’m unsure if everyone will enjoy it like I do. I will blog about its development process on the Bit Ate Bit blog in the future.

Other games are in the works as well, also for other platforms. Android, PC, Mac, HTML5, and so on. Our second game is nearing completion and is the sequel to one of my previously released games :)

Hope to keep providing fun, new, interesting work, for free and for money, for the foreseeing future.

Bit Ate Bit on Facebook | Twitter

Coming Soon: New Puzzle Game

Sorry ’bout all the teasing. I hope to release my first independently published iOS game shortly.

Coming Soon: A puzzle game in which you must NOT match gems!

puzzle game teaser

I’m also starting work on a new website:

A fish

My new game will be about a fish!

They Still Need To Be Fed

“They Need To Be Fed” was released over a year ago, but still gets the occasional article on the net. I remember it sold a few thousand copies on iOS after launch, and I thought that was it; from there it would go down.

Now, a year later, it’s still doing well on both iOS and Android. It has gotten on TV in Canada (“Review on the Run” gave it an 8.5), most recently got featured on Kotaku, and got a place in TIME’s top 50 iPhone apps of 2012!

Also, a glowing video review:

Still haven’t played it yet?

Android Market / Google Play
App Store / Apple Website

Update (March 10)

They Need To Be Fed is currently promoted by Google as one of their favorite apps, and thus on sale for half the price for a limited time! It’s on the home page of the store as one of the “best selling games”.

In slightly related news, Karoshi has won Android Game of the Year 2012 for the PocketGamer Awards!

Maybe time to make another one?


250 Indie Games You Must Play

A book by Mike Rose, editor for the blog. I received my copy about a week ago and can really recommend it. Basically, each page shows another game with a little description, a screenshot and short url to play the game. It’s great to have so many great games together in 1 book, for inspiration, for just flipping through and for finding something new (and almost always interesting) to play.

I feel honored to say that 3 of my games have been included! Get the book to find out which 3 😉

Here’s what they need to do next: Take all the 250 screenshots in the book and put them together into 1 poster. I would totally buy that!

Get it at Amazon:

Game Maker 8 Cook Book

Written by Uriel Griffin (who ports my games to Mac), this book is set to come out real soon (in June).

From the website:

Written in a cookbook style, this book offers solutions using a recipe based approach. Each recipe contains step-by-step instructions followed by an analysis of what was done in each task and other useful information. The cookbook approach means you can dive into whatever recipes you want in no particular order.

The cover features a scene from They Need To Be Fed (mobile version).

I haven’t seen the book yet so I’ll reserve my judgment, but hopefully this turns out to be a good new book specific for beginners using Game Maker 8.

Pre-order here:

Karoshi releases on Mac App Store

The very first Karoshi game has been released on the Mac App Store today, for free!

(There are actually 6 Karoshi games now!).

Karoshi – Mac App Store (Apple website)

For anyone who has a Mac and would like to experience more Karoshi, or would like to see how the series started, I recommend it! It’s still one of the best in the series, only passed by the direct sequel Karoshi 2.0.

The other Karoshi titles are planned for release as well, though I can’t promise they will be free. If people enjoy this one, hopefully they’ll be happy to support us with a dollar here and there to enjoy the sequels.

Looking forward to the reviews. Will people think it’s a fun game? Will they mention how terrible the graphics are? :)

As always, curious to hear your ideas on all this.